I develop bands & create songs that gain traction and grow their fan base

Hello, mate, I'm Seb. I'm a record producer, songwriter, music consultant and I truly give a shit about creating meaningful art and developing the bands that I work with.

I've produced, mixed and grown with over 50 pop punk / pop rock / hard rock artists in 10 different countries, written award winning songs, and accumulated over 235 million Spotify plays (so close to that 1/4 billion baby) combined on songs that I've produced and written. Some of these songs also have regular radio and TV placements.

I've also had the pleasure of working with some of these bands behind the scenes on brand identity, album campaigns, release strategies, marketing strategy, social media management and helping them connect the dots and grow their team. 

My single goal is to help artists, not only in the studio as a songwriter and producer, but as a resource and guide in the "new age" music industry.

Every single artist I've worked with is at different stages in their career. From Top 5 Billboard 200 releases to bands working on their first single. Each and every one of these bands has different needs and goals, and therefore require a tailored approach. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but my passion is figuring out what those goals are and figuring out how to reach them, both in the studio and in their career.

I am eternally grateful to be working with artists I love and admire, and I am thankful I get to call this my full time job.


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"Seeing Seb progress and develop through the years has been something I’m very blessed to have experienced. I saw Day 1 of GarageBand, to where he is now. Seb's work and dedication on all of his projects is highly commendable. Whatever the challenge or work load, Seb gives his full and undivided attention to the piece. Whether it’s electronic, metal, indie, pop, rock, you name it. Seb has the knowledge and ability to make a great sounding record.
Not only does his dedication and technical ability speak volumes, but his creativity and ear for music is something he puts into every project he has worked on. Whether it’s crafting catchy melodies, creating subtle yet effective layers and effects, or simply having the vision to guide a song where it needs to be, Seb is never at a lack of ideas.
From my days as a solo, Dallas Green wannabe, to where I am now, Seb has been an incredible force behind the scenes of my band and we truly could not have done it without him."

Ben Barlow - Neck Deep

"I’ve been working with Seb in multiple bands for around 10 years now and I've always had a productive and insightful experience wether it's been writing or recording.
Seb is punctual with deadlines, has great ideas and always creates a great working atmosphere. Seb has always gone above and beyond to make sure that I perform and deliver at my best ability and he likes to get very involved with the project meaning he will never settle until it’s perfect.
He is always progressing as a producer and song writer and the difference has shown through every record I have worked on with him. Together we have created some of my favourite work and it definitely wouldn’t be the same without him."

Sammy Clifford - WSTR

"Simply put, Seb is one of the only, if not the only person in the UK I trust with my projects. A wonderfully collaborative person and overall great fun to be around makes for a rewarding and creative experience every time.
What separates Seb from many others is his wonderful ear (which we affectionally refer to as the "Midas Touch") and his commitment to going the extra mile with pretty much every aspect of the recording process.
Whether its solving the arrangement puzzle, helping with melodies, a world class mix/master or simply instilling the confidence to know my ideas are right for song (or gently suggesting the alternative), Seb will always deliver. I have been lucky enough to work with Seb for the last 3 years and hope this continues for many more."

Sean Duddy - Woes

"When planning out our second E.P, I knew that in some capacity I wanted to work with Seb and we were lucky enough to have him mix the record for us. 

His turnaround and communication throughout the whole project was impeccable, the songs sounded great and really came to life once he’d got his hands on them. He really went above and beyond with our songs by throwing his own ideas into the mix (pun intended), such as production effects that transition sections smoother, added delays on vocals and just loads of other cool stuff that we wouldn’t have thought of (or been able to do!). 

Seb is a top tier mixing engineer and if you want your music to sound great then I couldn’t recommend him more."

Benji Yapp - You Know The Drill

"Working with Seb was perhaps the most enriching and educational experience for me as a musician and a singer. His dedication, systematic focus as well as a very friendly and compassionate approach to the artist is astounding. 

Seb is able to come up with melodies and harmonies I would not have thought of myself yet know they have a firm place in the song. Once he feels the wave of the song, he’ll keep riding it until the best version possible sees the light of the day. Also, he’s very motivating and inspirational.

Overall, Seb is the person to go to when it comes to both recording and especially vocal preproduction and production."

Jay Kutcher - Skywalker



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A lot of the artists I work with are still working on building their fanbase. If you want to learn more about writing better songs, playing shows to more people, killing it on social media and gaining recognition, then hit the button below and come and join the conversation!



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